With Elsa & Anna


“The place where watching your child perform on a team will put a smile on your face and a song in your heart”

WE ARE LOCATED AT 1825 GLENDALE (corner of River Rd) Toledo, Ohio 43614 c/o Holy Trinity Lutheran Church GYM.

City of Cheer GEMS is a Co-Ed Sport that is affordable and structured to fit everyones needs. Although we are trained coaches striving for successful accomplishments, our priority is to care for your child as one of our own. Becoming a part of the COCG athletics teaches:

Teamwork, good sportsmanship, discipline, desire, leadership, time management, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and will grow to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy citizens. Because this program requires you to spend a lot of time together and to rely on each other, it also places a great emphasis on friendship, trust and fun.

Our objective is to implant firmly in the children of the community the skills of cheerleading athleticism on an All Star level so they may have experience to be a College cheerleader, if desired.