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“We offer so much more besides training and life experiences. We offer something the internet can’t give you…The whole experience…THE PEOPLE! That’s what you can’t get through technology. OUR connections that feel!”

WE ARE LOCATED AT 202 W Florence, Toledo, Ohio 43605 c/o Next Level Gymnastics.

COCG is a Co-Ed Sport that is affordable and structured to fit everyone’s needs. Although we are trained coaches striving for successful accomplishments, our priority is to care for your child as one of our own.

We develop life skills for youths/teens and are a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. Our friendly & knowledgeable staff & State-of-the-art coaching staff promotes FAIRNESS & SPORTSMANSHIP.

We always go above and beyond the call of duty and are constantly looking to improve & expand our services.


  • Staff with over 20 years of COACHING experience.
  • Staff with over 10 years cheering & tumbling experience.
  • Convenient facility for the community & surrounding communities.
  • No EXTRA training fees.

current specials

50% off

Referral Program

Refer a friend or family member. After they train with The City Of Cheer Gems for 2 months you will get up to 50% off monthly tuition.

50% Off

Sibling Only

When one sibling signs up for a month, the second sibling will get 50% off their montly membership. Good for one year. (this offer doesn’t include athletes on Topaz or the Prep teams.)

We salute our military

Parents Who Are In The Military

Get $5.00 off of the monthly fee.


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