Family Ties

We’ve had a couple of competitions that have been rougher than we would have hoped. There’s been a lot of good, but also evidence that there’s still a lot of work we need to do.
Our teams have earned invitations to State-level competitions and our teams have also failed to place as high as they could have. Some of our teams’ performances are intense and strong but they have still fumbled against other fierce competitors.
Regardless, our teams don’t let anything stop them. Setbacks make them stronger, falling short makes them work harder.
Not only are our athletes working harder than ever, but by competing together, celebrating together and commiserating together ICAT as a whole; the athletes, the coaches and the parents, is becoming a caring, supportive community.
ICAT boosters encourages athletes. We don’t berate, we don’t shame. We foster an atmosphere of cooperation and respect. Practices and competitions are opportunities to form deep, lasting bonds and friendships. Winning is nice, but the community that we create is what matters. That community we’ve formed ensures that our athletes are walking away with lessons that will last longer than just back walkovers and front flips. They are learning how to stand tall, how to fight for what you want, and to never ever give up.
These same teams also come out winners who perform with love in their hearts. Love for their team, love for their coaches, love for their choreography, love for their cheer sisters, and yes, even love for the trophy in their hands that they’ve earned.
Inversion Cheer Athletics Toledo is a ribbon that wraps around us all, tying us together. After we’ve forgotten the medals we didn’t earn or how synchronized we were at this or that competition we will remember the relationships made through ICAT . High marks and good scores aren’t the metrics by which the success or failure of ICAT is judged. Laughter and hope are.
If this season has proven anything, it’s that Inversion Cheer Athletics Toledo is a family. Family lifts you up. Family supports you and fights for you and holds you accountable. Family loves you and sticks up for you and stands by you when you’re on top and, most importantly, when you’re not.
Thank you, everyone.