Inversion Cheer Athletics Toledo … Helpful homework advice

Inversion Cheer Athletics Toledo cares about our athletes and their families both on the mat and off, so our president, Dr. Mahailey Albain, thought we should share a few tips on making homework hassle-free.

First, keep in mind that it’s perfectly natural to worry or feel stressed about how your child is doing in school and as a consequence, homework can often be a tense, fraught time for you and your child(ren). It can leave them feeling anxious and you tense and powerless. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Remember to stay calm. Your child(ren) may pick up on your attitude and reflect it back at you! Staying calm helps ensure that everyone can focus on the work at hand and stay positive about the challenge.

Take things slow if you need to. The evenings are always busy and often times doing homework can eat up a lot of precious time. But haste makes waste and odds are that going through the work slowly will take less time than rushing through and fighting with your child(ren).

It’s important that your child(ren) do the work themselves. Your role is to help them when necessary and no more. It’s important not just that your child(ren) learn the work in front of them for themselves, but also that they develop their own problem-solving skills.

Take a five to ten minute break if necessary. Remember what we said about how homework can take longer if you try and plow through it but are wrestling with your child(ren) the whole time? That also means that sometimes it can be faster to take a short break and them come back the work with everyone’s batteries a little refreshed.

Make a schedule and stick to it. Have your child(ren) do their homework at the same time and in the same space whenever possible.

Set rules such as “no weekend activities until homework is finished” and follow through.

If (when!) your child(ren) gets through their homework without any squabbling or struggles, ask yourself what was different about it this time and try to implement changes in future homework sessions.

No one is suggesting that following these tips will be easy, especially not at first. But constant application can help transform homework time from a stressful, aching process into a rewarding experience for both you and your child(ren).

And if you’d ever like more advice and tips, please check out for more information.

Dr. Mahailey Albain has a bachelor’s degree in teaching and learning as well as a doctorate of science in curriculum.